Uphill Cargo Transport Truck Driver 2019

Uphill Cargo Transport Truck Driver 2019

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Uphill Cargo Transport Truck Driver 2019

Uphill Cargo Transport Truck Driver 2019

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Do you love driving transport trucks while climbing mountains and hills? If yes then welcome to Uphill Cargo Transport Truck Driver 2019 game whereas a real mountain driver you will transport truck logistics. While driving the uphill truck on the mountain road you need to drive carefully because the big road has narrow hill tracks.
Drive the big wheel Vehicles on the big road while climbing huge hills. In this all vehicles driving game, the heavy wheel truck is used for cargo transport to the uphill mountain. As a real trucker drive the long vehicles to transport cargo from hill station to destination through offroad hill tracks and highways. You will get realistic truck driving experience by playing this Uphill Cargo Transport Truck Driver 2019 game.
Sit behind the long vehicles steering and control the grand truck while performing your transport duty. Drive a loaded truck on steep hills and dangerous mountains with great precision and accuracy. While driving loaded trucks on bumpy roads slow down your speed over offroad hilly environment and along snow green farms.
So it's time to become the expert big rig driver to complete cargo transport missions within a time limit.
This realistic truck simulator game consists of multiple long vehicles driving modes.
Oil Tanker Driving:
Drive big oil tanker trucks while climbing mountains to test your hill driving skills like a real trucker. Deliver heavy oil tanks by attaching them with oil truck and transport the fuel to complete different missions. The long oil tank transporter job is a hard-driving task but expert trucker can fulfill the truck duty easily.
Wood Logs Transport:
Become the woods cargo transporter and perform your duty of log transporter trucker by transporting woods cargo on long Mexican trucks. Avoid fall of wooden logs otherwise, the wood transport truck driving game will be over.
Heavy Truck Trailer:
Drive the trailer trucks on the massive roads. To attach the 18 wheeler trailer with heavy cargo truck you need extreme truck parking skills. To transport multi-trailer truck container you need to connect a heavy duty truck with your cargo dragger.


What's New

- Semi and Dumper Trucks
- New Level Added
- Interior Camera for Smooth Driving
- Added long Oil Tanker Trucks
- Now drive Wooden Logging Truck
- Improved Truck Driving Simulation
- Added Endless Long Vehicles Driving Mode
- Improved Truck Driving Simulation


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