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Shotguns in GTA Vice City

(Editor:Marcus 8/14/2015)
Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City9game believe you can enjoy yourself in this action game.
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Shotgun ($500)--This shotgun has a low spread and high power. You can easily take a man out with one shot up close or from a medium distance, but the low spread makes it weaker for close combat than the other shotguns. As with all shotguns, you must stand still while firing.
Stubby ($600)--An extremely wide spread makes the stubby a great close-combat gun, but it's weak at medium range.
Spaz ($4000)--This shotgun has a medium spread and a seven-shot rapid-fire magazine. This makes its extreme long-range and close-range deficiencies disappear. You will have to reload the weapon, but its offensive power is still amazing.

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