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Submachine Guns in GTA Vice City

(Editor:Monica 8/17/2015)
Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City9game believe you can enjoy yourself in this action game.
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Tec-9 (N/A)--Found only on the streets, the Tec-9 is an automatic pistol with a higher rate of fire than the pistol, and you can run while shooting it. Its effectiveness against multiple opponents is questionable.

Ingram ($300)--The Ingram Mac-10, as the name implies, is one step up from the Tec-9. This gun is slightly more effective overall.

Uzi ($400)--This is a reliable and effective firearm. It boasts an excellent rate of fire and good overall stopping power.

MP5 ($3000)--The MP5 is a military-grade weapon that excels in all categories. Without question it's the best submachine gun in any situation.

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