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Assault Rifles and Heavy Weapons in GTA Vice City

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Ruger ($1000)--The main draw of an assault rifle is the ability to aim it from a first-person perspective, which allows you to shoot out tires and windshields. The other draw is its power. Although your aim will be thrown off quite a bit when you use this gun, you can go for headshots and mow down several men at once.
M4 ($5000)--The Colt M4 is like the Ruger, but it's superior in every way. Even with its considerable firepower it can't easily take out a helicopter. But it's still the best gun for the category. Remember that crouching will increase your accuracy with these types of weapons.

Note: All heavy weapons must be purchased from Phil or found around the city.
Minigun ($10,000)--With the highest rate of fire in the game, the minigun chews up cars, people, or anything in front of it. The only catch is that you can't target a specific individual with the R1 button. The gun fires at a slightly upward angle, so it's best used against enemies that are standing on the same ground you are.
Rocket Launcher ($8000)--For many players in many games, the rocket launcher is the ultimate weapon. Even from a great distance you can create a large explosion that destroys people and vehicles with great accuracy. This weapon is aimed from a first-person perspective.
M60 ($8000)--The heavy machine gun is probably the most reliable weapon in this category. It has a high rate of fire and manual aim, and, unlike with the rocket launcher, you can't hurt yourself with it. This gun is great for shooting down helicopters, shooting up land vehicles, or taking out particularly tough people.
Flamethrower (N/A)--Wantonly tossing flame around is fun but risky. If a flaming individual makes contact with you, you'll start to burn as well. Still, because it has a decent range and instantly nullifies threats, the flamethrower can be a useful weapon.

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