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Sniper Rifles in GTA Vice City

(Editor:Josephine 8/19/2015)
Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City9game believe you can enjoy yourself in this action game.
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Sniper Rifle ($1500)--This is a single-shot rifle with a traditional sight. While it fires only one round at a time, the zoom capability is just as good as that of the PSG-1, and the sight is more reliable at extreme distances. One shot will kill.

PSG-1 ($6000)--The PSG-1 is a powerful semiautomatic rifle that can be used to kill people or destroy vehicles from a distance. It holds seven rounds, each capable of taking a man down in one hit. A car can be destroyed with one clip. The minor drawback to this weapon is that at great distances the laser sight indicator is hard or impossible to see. Take this into consideration when choosing between the two.

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App Recommend: MX Player 1.7.40

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