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You can get away with a lot in Vice City, but caution must be exercised when the cops are around. If an officer catches you committing a felonious act, you'll receive a wanted star. This includes slamming into a police vehicle, killing pedestrians, attempting to hold up stores by targeting the owner, firing a weapon in the presence of an officer, and other similar behavior. Killing a cop will instantly stick you with a two-star wanted level, and walking into the police station brandishing a gun is just asking for it.

The following is a description of the wanted levels and what they mean. It's important to remember that completing a mission will always clear your wanted level.

One Star--In general, a one-star level is nothing to worry about. Police in the immediate area will give chase to you, but you won't be fired on. If you're beaten down and subdued or pulled out of your car, you'll be busted. Simply run or drive around for a while, avoiding contact with the police, and your wanted level will dissipate in no time.

Two Stars--At this point you've either killed an officer or several people, or you've triggered a mission-specific condition. The police will dispatch squad cars to chase you, and more will join in the chase if you encounter them. Police behavior is a bit more aggressive, both in driving and on foot. Escape is still relatively easy. Changing clothes, grabbing a police bribe icon to bring your wanted level back to one, or using a nearby Pay 'n' Spray are simple and viable options.

Three Stars--Things are starting to heat up. You'll get a strong reaction from the boys in blue, and undercover cops in the fast and agile Cheetah will join the chase. Police may set up roadblocks, and you can definitely expect them to shoot first and ask questions later. A helicopter may also join the chase. Changing clothes can still help, but hitting a bribe before you do so would be much more effective. The Pay 'n' Spray is a good option, and it shouldn't be too hard to reach. Check your map for the closest location.

Four Stars--When the wanted level hits four stars, you know you're officially in trouble. Swarms of patrol cars will pursue you doggedly, joined by the undercover cops and the SWAT team. Expect a hail of gunfire from the air and ground as helicopters and heavily armed law enforcement officers do their best to bring you down. Anything less than the Pay 'n' Spray simply won't be enough. Don't take chances here.

Five Star--The intensity you saw on level four increases with the presence of the FBI, who pack MP5s that can take you down in no time. You won't be able to round a corner without running into a law enforcement vehicle, and it will be a real fight to make it to the Pay 'n' Spray.

Six Stars--You're the baddest man this city has ever seen, in a bad way. In addition to everything that was thrown at you on the five-star level, military vehicles like the Rhino tank and the massive Barracks OLs will come at you hard. Hijack one of these vehicles if you can, but even still you'll be hard pressed to clear your name. Luckily the Pay 'n' Spray can and will work miracles.

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