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The Criminal Elements in GTA Vice City

(Editor:Niki 8/21/2015)
Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City9game believe you can enjoy yourself in this action game.
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Vice City is aptly named. It's literally crawling with criminals, Tommy Vercetti included. You may notice a pedestrian fleeing from an officer on foot from time to time. If you help out with your fists, not a deadly weapon, you'll get a cash bonus of $50 for knocking a thug down and up to three more bonuses for kicking him while he's down.

Gangs are quite organized and will often war with one another in the streets. The Cubans and Haitians in particular are always at each other's throats. You'll anger certain gangs at certain times, depending on the missions or the clothing you're sporting, but you'll never be so hated that certain areas will be impossible to access. If a local gang gives you trouble, simply do a few drive-bys and move to a new area. As you buy more properties, you'll notice groups of Italian goons hanging around. Many of them are named Mario. All of them will attack any other gang that crosses into your turf. If you're feeling frustrated, you can beat up or even kill your own men with no consequences.

One last important note is that there is no way you can miss out on future missions, like you could in Grand Theft Auto III. You can do any mission available at any time and never worry about closing a potential path due to a decision you've made.

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