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GTA Vice city: The Main Characters in the Game

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A number of recurring characters appear in person or speech during the various missions or cut scenes in the Android game GTA Vice city, provided on 9Game.

Victor "Vic" Vance

Victor Vance serves as the main character and protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Vic's father is from the Dominican Republic and his mother is American. Vic is the older brother of Lance Vance and Pete Vance, and son of Janet Vance. He is also the head of the Vance Crime Family, which manufacturers drug production, smuggling (drugs and weapons), robbery, protection rackets, and loan sharking.
In the beginning, Vic is the corporal in Fort Baxter, with his superior officer being Sergeant Jerry Martinez. He was discharge from the Army because he brought a hooker in the base on Martinez's orders and stashed Martinez's marijuana boxes in his barracks, which was later found by his superior officer. He cooperated with Phil Cassidy, who gave him his old place to stay in.
Unlike most GTA protagonists, Vic dislikes dirty businesses, and only does them to get Pete's medical bills paid up. He has a positive attitude towards a lot of things.He dislikes his brother Lance, because he has the ability to get in the trouble and "screw things up", but later they end up as the most powerful duo in the city.
It was popular thought to believe that Pete Vance is the one shot to death during the drug deal at the start of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but the brother that was killed is, in fact, Victor. The mistake is due to a continuity error. Victor has an American accent throughout Vice City Stories, however in the beginning of Vice City, he speaks with a Dominican accent. Rockstar confirmed that the person is actually Victor. Their hit is ordered by Ricardo Diaz, because of the rising power of the Vance crime family. Diaz worried that the Vance family would become too powerful after their deal was completed and had them murdered in order to put a stop to their dealings in Vice City.

Lance "Quentin" Vance

Lance Vance is Victor Vance's younger brother. He was first mentioned to Vic by Aunt Enid via pager messages. He is also mentioned by Vic in the opening cutscene, saying that Pete is sick with asthma, and that Lance is "sick in another way". His nickname is Quentin(though Ricardo Diaz is the only known person to address him with that name), which is revealed in Vice City.
Lance arrives from his home (which is not stated) to share Victor's rise to power, and to join him in his business. Vic at first refuses Lance's offers, knowing full well Lance's penchant for falling into trouble, but he eventually agrees to work with him. Lance makes contact with drug dealer Bryan Forbes, who is really an undercover cop. After finding this out, Lance decides not to kill Forbes, hoping that holding him captive would force him to divulge the locations of numerous drug deals around the city. Victor eventually kills Forbes when he tries to escape, after Forbes tricks the Vance Brothers twice with false information, even leading them to a gay, white supremacist biker bar. After repeated failings, Lance finally gets the break he has been waiting for and successfully steals a huge shipment of drugs. Lance anticipates immediately becoming rich, and buys himself expensive suits.
Lance continually proves to be an unreliable, opportunistic nuisance, endangering the business more often than he helps. Although Lance does care about his brother, his primary focus is getting rich. That being the case, Lance mortgages two expensive apartments for himself and his brother without permission, financially pressuring Vic into dealing cocaine. To make matters worse, Lance starts sampling the merchandise, and is either passed out or too high on cocaine to be of any use. When Louise is kidnapped by the Mendez Brothers, Lance is reluctant to help. But when Armando Mendez's guards fire a rocket at his beloved sports car Infernus, Lance goes berserk and tries to kill the Mendez Brothers single-handedly, requiring Vic to rescue him again.
Just when Vic's patience with him is nearing its end, Lance eventually does try to help out. He allies with Phil Cassidy and Umberto Robina to help defend their businesses, then later gets in touch with the drug baron Ricardo Diaz to discuss protection from the Mendez Brothers.
Lance also shared the lead position with Victor of the Vance Crime Family for two years, until it broke down in 1986 by Victor's death.
Lance also has a big role in GTA: Vice City where he was best friends with Tommy Vercetti. However, he betrays him later on in the game to lead the Forellis to kill him and to take over the business himself. He is eventually killed by Tommy Vercetti.
Lance is the only character in the series that changes clothes through the game's progress (except CJ in San Andreas). On the airport until the big cargo shipment, he wears glasses, and a pair of jeans and a red shirt. Later on, he wears a blue suit, but it is white in the Vice City. His car is a white Infernus.
Lance Vance was voiced by Philip Michael Thomas.

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