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‘GTA Vice city 6’ Release Date Rumors

(Editor:Ibrahim 8/14/2015)
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The rumor mill is once again active and this time speculations are around the possible release date of the much-anticipated latest open world action-adventure game, 'Grand Theft Auto 6.'

According to IB Times, even as 'GTA' is normally set in one city - consider the fictional Miami known as Vice City or the New York equivalent Liberty City - fans are now wanting an America-wide playable map.
This would certainly be a wonderful addition to the popular series of games, in effect; it could be difficult to be successful. Grand Theft Auto 5' was released in 2013, five years after 'Grand Theft Auto 4.' The developer and publisher of the open world action-adventure game Rockstar Games took that much time just to move gameplay from Liberty City to Los Santos.

Therefore, even if Rockstar were to simply update each of the cities it has built now and link them all together it could take years to optimize the software for next-gen consoles.
Going by the previous release schedule of Rockstar Games, it appears that 'GTA 6' may possibly be released in 2018. The time gap between the release of the first three games - 'Grand Theft Auto,' 'Grand Theft Auto 2,' and 'Grand Theft Auto 3,' of late, Rockstar Games has been taking much longer between launches, perhaps due to the quality of graphics and demand for elevated-level gameplay as well as Easter eggs.
Actually, Rockstar Games took seven years to develop and launch 'GTA 4' after the release of the 'GTA 3' release. Therefore, depending on the developer's plans for 'GTA 6,' fans may even consider the game to be released in 2020.
In any case, it may be best to wait for an official word from Rockstar. Till then, it would be best to just enjoy playing 'GTA 5' and search for cheats.
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